Protex Scratch Finish Texture

Eureka Paints Protex Scratch Finish Texture is a acrylic / synthetic, semi viscous paste containing quartz, aggregates acrylic polymers, minerals, specially formulated to withstand varying climate conditions & provide a long lasting elegant look to the surface.

Key Features

  • ŸEureka Paints Protex Scratch Finish Texture gives a very high aesthetic as well as protection value.
  • ŸExtra thickness imparts toughness to the surface thus making it water resistance.
  • ŸHides surface undulations & existing cracks.
  • ŸIt also gives an opportunity to create different designs, viz. vertical, zig zag, circular, rain drop, etc.
  • ŸBeing Polymer based the strength is good thus making it highly durable & maintenance free.
  • ŸNon Toxic & Non Flammable.
  • ŸIt comes in different thickness, viz. 1mm, 2mm, 3mm.

Substrate Suitability

Eureka Paints Protex Scratch Finish Texture can be easily applied on surfaces like plaster, concrete, gypsum, wood or any other kind of surfaces, adhering to the suggested application procedures.

How To Use


Surface Preparation

  • ŸClean the surface with sharp stone and wire brush to remove any paint and all loose particles or cement water completely and thoroughly.
  • ŸAlso ensure that any previous growth of fungus, algae or moss is properly removed & cleaned with water.
  • ŸOn the fungus affected area apply one coat of Bio wash or Eureka Penetrating Sealer.
  • ŸAll the existing leakages from inside should be treated in proper manner.
  • ŸOne coat of Eureka EWP - Exterior Primer is recommended for Pre painted surface.

Application System

Product Application
Thinner Dilution
% (by vol)
Touch Dry Recoat*
1st coat
Eureka Paints EWP
Exterior Waterbase Acrylic Primer (For Pre Painted Surface)
1 hr
1 hr
4 hrs
4 hrs
Scratch Finish Superlative Texture
Trowel Water if required Max 5% for workability 4 hrs 12 hrs
2 coats of recommended paint system          

* Recoat period is quoted for 25° C at 50% relative humidity - may vary under different conditions.

Technical Data

Covering** 2.5 - 3.00 sft per kg
Drying time Touch Dry 4 Hrs | Hard Dry 12 Hrs
Condition in can Ready to use paste
Thickness Standard 2mm
Recommended DFT per coat 2mm
Spreading 2.5 - 3.00 sft per kg at the DFT of 2mm
Specific Gravity Kg/ltr. 1.70 +/- 0.05
Viscosity 330
PH value 8 to 9
Hardness 4H
Shelf Life 6 months when stored in cool & dry place in original sealed container
Top Coat Compatible to all the existing top coating systems (viz. Acrylic Emulsions, Tex, Metallic, etc)

**Covering mentioned depends on the condition of the surface & method of application


  • ŸStir Well & strain before use
  • ŸThinning is not advisable
  • ŸDo not apply to surface that are subject to continuous seepage of dampness

Pack Sizes & Shade Range

Protex Scratch Finish Texture Suppliers India
Pack Size Availability: 5kg, 20kg Tin 30kg HDPE Bag
Shade - Base