Platinum Cement Putty

Eureka Paints Platinum is polymer modified cement putty which can be used to give the walls a smooth finish. It also fills up the holes & undulations existing in the substrate. It can be used for External as well as Internal Surfaces

Key Features

  • ŸEureka Paints Platinum can be used for both external as well as internal surfaces.
  • ŸIt is water repellent & thus prevents seepage or dampness upto certain extent.
  • ŸAs the mixture is co polymer base it has a good strength & durability.
  • ŸIt comes in two different finishes viz. coarse & fine.
  • ŸCoarse putty can be applied in the thickness of upto 4-6mm in multiple coats, which can be useful to cover undulations & existing cracks.
  • ŸFine putty can be applied upto max 1 - 2 mm in two coats above coarse to achieve the smooth finish.
  • ŸThere is no priming required before or after application

Substrate Suitability

Eureka Paints Platinum can be applied on surfaces like concrete, plaster, wood, masonry.

How To Use

Surface Preparation

  • ŸEnsure that the surface to be painted is free from loose paint, dust, grease or any such things.
  • ŸAny alterations or repairing work specially the electrical chipping work to be done to the wall should be complete before applying the putty.
  • ŸDampen the surface & allow the excess water to drip off.
  • ŸThe surface should not be affected by fungus, algae or moss.

Application System

Product Application
Thinner Dilution
% (by vol)
Touch Dry Recoat*
Period (hrs)
Dampen the surface & allow the excess water to drip off          
1st coat
Eureka Paints Platinum
Cement base Putty (Coarse)
Putty Knife,
Water As per the
1 hr 12 hr
2nd coat
Eureka Paints Platinum
Cement base Putty (Fine)
Putty Knife,
Water As per the
1 hr 12 hr
Note : It is suggested to stir the mixture well by using electric mixer to achieve a lump free smooth paste          

* Recoat period is quoted for 25° C at 50% relative humidity - may vary under different conditions.

Technical Data

Covering** Depends upon the substrate. However theoretical covering can be given
according to the site conditions
Physical State Powder
Tensile Adhesion Strength > 1.0 N/MM @ 28 Days
Compressive Strength 10 N/MM @ 28 Days
Setting Time Initial : > 100 Mins | Final : < 500 Mins
Water Absorption < 1.0 kg/M2 H½
Water Capilary Absorption
(ML) @ 24hrs
Shelf Life Shelf life 4 months when stored in a cool & dry place in original sealed bag
Top Coat Compatable to all the existing top coating systems
(viz. Distemper, Plastic Emulsion, Luster, etc)

**Aprox covering of 8 - 12 sft/kg can be achieved on RCC surface. However it may vary depending on the condition of wall & method of application


  • ŸStir the mixture with an electric mixer to achieve a lump free paste
  • ŸDo not over thin
  • ŸDo not apply on surface that are subject to continuous seepage or dampness
  • ŸDo not apply it in the form of single coat or thick layer application

Pack Sizes & Shade Range

Platinum Polymer Modified Cement Putty Manufacturers Mumbai, India
Pack Size Availability: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 40kg.